Monday, September 19, 2016

Politics Aside

I know that a lot of teacher’s are backing the Democratic party in this year’s local elections as they believe their platform benefits Indiana’s educational system best.  I usually listen  to all of the discussion, but do not add much to the conversation.  I also keep to myself the fact that Brett worked for Todd Young who is running against Evan Bayh in a highly charged Congressional race. Brett has also met both Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb, the Republican gubernatorial candidate.  He backs both.  In fairness to the other side, however, I also do not disclose the fact that he met the Democrat candidate for Governor, John Gregg and actually has a lot of respect for him.  
My loyalty is to my son.  Brett believes in the aforementioned Republican candidates whole heartedly.  I trust his opinion and have listened to his thoughts on the matter.  I know this may not make me popular in the teaching circle.  I don’t like arguing politics, however, so I generally keep my opinion to myself.  I have no problem agreeing to disagree, but I realize that not everyone feels this way.

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