Thursday, September 29, 2016

Of Course!

Tonight was student led conferences at Milford.  As the name states the students meet with their parents and inform them on how their first trimester is going so far.  Teachers are required to be there in case a parent has a question or two.  Conferences start at 3:15 and end at 7.  As an Encore teacher I stayed in my room and met parents and students there.  When there was down time I could grade papers or write lesson plans.

This year was different.  Since I am part of the 5th and 6th grade team I have to stay in the cafeteria.  The positive was that we were all available if a parent had a question.  The negative was that we couldn't really do much else.  I had hoped to grade papers, but there wasn't time for that.  I did get to meet with several parents that I had hoped to communicate with.  As a group we had 70% of students attend the evening.

One disappointing part was that I had to miss Meg's soccer game against Northwood.  I asked Mom to keep me up to date on the score.  Around 5:30 I first heard from her.  The game was tied 1-1 and Meg had scored.  By half time we were down 2-1, but I enjoyed the fact that Cam also texted me and let me know about Meg's goal.  It made sense to me that she scored.  She always seems to do that when I can't make it to the game.  Unfortunately for the team, Meg was the only one who scored.  The final tally was 4-1.  Doug did text me at the end to let me know about Meg's goal as well.  He said it was beautiful.

I was able to make it home by 7:30.  Cam was already there playing pool against Dad.  He had been ball boy for the Varsity game.  I tried to stop by the high school to pick up Meg, but she was in the volleyball game by then.  Doug arrived shortly after I did.  He was still excited about Meg's goal.  After he gave me the details he spent the rest of the evening finished the staining.  I ordered pizza for all of us and picked Meg up from the game.  It was definitely a long day for all of us, but we survived and are one day closer to Fall Break.

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