Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mosquitos Win 267-0

Meg had a game at Plymouth tonight.  I did not ride the bus as I had to get all of my grades into Skyward for midterms.  It took a lot of time he last two days, but I got everyone retested and all tests and late homework graded by 4 this afternoon.  Thus, I was able to drive over and meet them.

I believe it was a good thing I did as the girls were being bombarded with mosquitos when I got there.  The JV field was next to a wooded area and there were thousands of them swarming the area.  I found a CVS and bought the last two bottles of Off.  The cashier said that there was a run on bug spray today.  Once I got out to the field I could see why.  The teams had moved to the Varsity field, but even that didn’t help.

The game was a close through the first 30 minutes and Wawasee was up for awhile 1-0.  Plymouth may have started slowly, but in the end finished with an 8-1 win.  It was a disappointing loss to them I know, but I think long term the attack of the mosquitos may be the biggest memory from the night.  Kaitlin even said that she killed close to 300 of them during the Varsity game.  Meg tried to talk me into missing school on Friday because of all of the welts she had on her head, face and neck.  I know they were annoying, but I wasn’t going that far.  Luckily, the one that got her on the eyelid did not swell.  

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