Friday, September 30, 2016


Tonight was Homecoming for Wawasee High School.  For the first time in a long time there was a Homecoming parade.  The girls soccer team decided to participate in it and everyone attended.  Cam and I watched from the van along the parade route.  I had planned to get out, but it was raining for nearly all of it.  Meg and Doug were still able to spot us and Cam got out several times to get candy or take a picture of the Penguin.

After the parade Gabrielle came over.  Doug took them all to the game.  Cam was disappointed that Evan wasn't going to stay for it, but had fun with Ryden and Chance.  Meg enjoyed all of the festivities this week, especially the dress up days and the talent show.  Wawasee did not fair well during the game losing decidedly to Warsaw.  Doug picked Cam up in the fourth quarter while Meg stayed for the dance.

Doug and I had gone to Huntington's while they were out.  We were back well before the third quarter ended.  Doug fell asleep by 11, but I stayed up and graded papers until Meg came home.  We had planned on picking her up, but Paula brought her home.  She had a lot of fun and danced most of the evening.  She was surprised to hear that Doug switched her bed into her new bedroom.  She couldn't believe that after eleven years she had spent her last night in her old room.  After filling me in on the evening she headed to bed.  I finally finished grading papers after midnight.  It felt awesome to be done.

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