Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gossip & Social Media

The internet can be a wonderful tool for learning and keeping in touch with others, but it can also be a social media nightmare.  That is especially true for high schoolers.  This week was definitely a tough one for those caught in the gossip circle that can revolve around teenagers.  High school is hard enough.  Rumors, vicious attacks and petty remarks make it even more difficult.  The anonymity that social media provides makes it even worse.  No one takes responsibility for their actions.  Life is challenging for today's teen.  It doesn't matter how many times they are told that the person spreading the rumors or attacking them is wrong, seeing a unpleasant picture or reading a cruel remarks stings.  As a teacher I do not have an answer to the problem.  All I can do is provide support for those that are hurting.  Sometimes it just doesn't feel like it's enough.

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