Saturday, September 24, 2016

Family Weekend

This weekend was Family Weekend in Bloomington.  We weren't able to attend last night's induction ceremony at the Kelley School of Business, but we did make it to the IU vs. Wake Forest game this afternoon.  I believe that was more important to Cal anyway.  We had to wait to leave until after Doug and Meg's game with Warsaw this morning.  Luckily, it was at Warsaw High School, which put us 40 minutes closer.  Cam and I spent the morning after I picked him up from his slumber party getting ready.  The only glitch was the fact that Little Caesar's closed so we had to make alternate lunch plans.  There was a Marsh close by and we decided instead to tailgate in the van on the way down.

Leaving a little later helped as we missed a lot of traffic.  Cam and Doug made the game with three minutes to go in the first quarter.  The game wasn't the greatest, but they enjoyed meeting up with Cal at half.  He said the student side was pretty boring, but he did have fun going to all of the free tailgate parties beforehand.  I believe their favorite part of the game may have been listening to Doug getting heckled for wearing green, the opposing team's colors.

Meg and I watched the first half with Parce at his apartment.  Chokey went home for a funeral, so Parce decided not to tailgate.  Meg and I spent the second half shopping.  Neither one of us are really into football, so that worked out well.  We then picked Parce back up to meet the guys at our new favorite bowling alley, Classic Lanes.  It was as fun as we remembered from last time.  Parce and Cal went back and forth in the lead until the last frame where they tied on Parce's final ball.

We ate dinner at Upland Brewing Company.  It was Octoberfest and we each tried something new from the German menu.  Afterward the guys watched more football and Meg, Cam and I went Pokemon hunting.  Bloomington definitely has a lot more Pokestops and Pokemon than Syracuse.  Parce had to leave early in the morning and we were all exhausted from such a fun day that no one made it up past midnight.

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