Sunday, September 11, 2016

End of Golf Season

Cam had his last golf tournament of the year this afternoon.  They had tried to hold it on several different weekends before, but the rain kept getting in the way.  The weather was no problem today as it was sunny and 75, perfect for a round of golf.

Mom and Dad took Cam to Christiana Creek for us.  He had enough time to practice his putting before his 1:30 tee time.  Meg, Doug and I arrived with three holes left and enjoyed watching him play.  He did well finishing with a 46 which bested two players in the group in front of him earning him a third place medal.  There were other contests besides the nine holes of golf.  He participated in a putt and chipping contest and even a game of corn hole.  Unfortunately, he was not as successful in those, but didn't seem to mind.  Topping several of the "all-stars" meant more to him.

To celebrate we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  We let Meg pick the appetizers as she was stung by a hornet while on the course watching.  She handled it well and the ice seemed to help a lot. There must have been a nest as one of them stung Mom as well.  Other than that it was a perfect day at the golf course.

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