Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cedar Point

Cal came home late Thursday night.  Traffic was light, but the rain was heavy.  He made it in three and a half hours, even with the storm.  He spent Friday morning studying and visiting with my Mom and Dad.  He had time in the afternoon to get a meningitis booster and catch tennis practice.  He said that both went well.  The rest of the evening was at HM's and back here for Joe's ice cream.

We enjoyed seeing him and listening to his week at IU.  He still seems very happy with his classes and the amount of basketball he has played.  He has also been able to get in a couple of rounds of golf and meet some new friends.  His music class has been one of his favorites and he had a lot of information to share with us about the life of Sam Cook.

As much as he had going on yesterday, the true reason for Cal's visit happened today, however.  He and HM were invited to the Zimmer company picnic at Cedar Point.  They went last year and really enjoyed it.  The weather was rainier this year, but they still had fun.  Zimmer rented the place from 10-1 so they were able to ride free of lines and eat lunch without much hassle.  They left in time to get home around 10 p.m.  They were tired and wanted to get back before it was too late.

Cal plans to head back tomorrow afternoon.  We thought about going down for Lotus Fest next weekend, but aren't sure that we will be able to go with Doug's soccer schedule.  Cal will be home again October 8th for IU's fall break.  It will be strange not to see him for a month.  He will keep busy studying and we will be finishing up Cal and Meg's soccer season.  Thus the month will go by quickly and we will enjoy visiting with him again soon.

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