Sunday, September 4, 2016

B-town - Let's Go!

Our day started early here in Bloomington as Doug and Cam had a tee time at Cascades for first thing this morning.  Meg was able to sleep in, finally, but the rest of us got up with them.  I was bummed that the farmer's market was yesterday, but we had cold pizza and Grandma's cookies for those looking for breakfast.

Doug and Cam were back by 11 and pleased with how they played.  We decided on Oliver Winery for lunch enjoying it picnic style.  Cal and HM wanted to go back to his dorm to get his wallet before going shopping.  We dropped them off and walked to Kirkwood from Parce's.  I found some great IU memorabilia for my classroom and Cam and Meg bought new clothes.  HM looked at albums and then picked out clothes at Urban Outfitters.  The art fair was nice, but we decided not to purchase anything this time.  Doug ditched us for Nick's and Parce hung out at his apartment until we all met up at Garlic Fest for day 2.  The band was pretty good and except for the heat we all had a nice time.

We went to Barnes and Noble before dinner at Upland Brewing Company.  It has quickly become Doug and my favorite restaurant in Bloomington.  We debated between IU soccer and bowling.  Parce said he'd go bowling with us, so the vote was for that.  The Union was closed, but Parce knew of another place on 17th street.  We all loved it, especially the videos of our head shots after each bowler finished a turn.  The game was close, but the younger crowd ended up beating us by 20 pins.  Pizza X breadsticks were last on the agenda and we all enjoyed those after a walk to the B-Line to catch more Pokemon.

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