Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Day, Two More Soccer Games

Tonight both Meg and Cam had home soccer games.  I debated all night last night about which to go to as they were even at the same time.  As Cam left this morning, he made the decision for me.  He said, "Mom you've got a lot of years left to go to my games.  Go to Meg's and I'll let you know how we do."  He was correct, so I chose Meg's.

Unfortunately, the girls lost to Argos 7-0.  While I was there Mom and Dad called from Cam's to let me know that it was a different situation at Bethany Christian.  The A team easily defeated Lakeland and Cam even got to play a good portion of the second half of that game.  The B team game was shortened to a half, and ended in a 3-3 tie.  Cam played most of that as well and Dad sent some awesome pictures.  I was thrilled to hear about his game.  He was pleased with how he played and excited to have been part of the A team's win.

I hated having to chose between the two games, but I told Cam that Meg always played her best in middle school when I couldn't be there.  Doug said that maybe next time I should switch and then they could be the victors.  Wish it were that easy.

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