Thursday, September 15, 2016

Always Happens to Meg

Meg went back to the doctor this week to have her check the rash she had on her leg.  The antibiotics and cream they gave her finally did the trick.  The nurse practitioner said that it is healing nicely and should be good from here on out.  It was definitely a problem for Meg this past couple of weeks.  No matter what we did it just wouldn't go away and kept spreading.  The practitioner said that it was infected by the time we got in to see her.

It seems that medical issues like this always happen to Meg.  When she gets something simple it usually turns into something more severe.  It was that way with Cal as well, so I guess that may just be how it goes for the Heinisch children.  Definitely glad to be done with this one.  She was so tired of keeping it covered and medicated.  I don't blame her.

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