Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Winning Season

It was a hot match at Whitko tonight with the temperature close to 95 on the field.  The girls must have felt the heat as they came out slow and seemed to struggle through the first half.  Doug spent a lot of time talking to them during the break regarding better traps and passes.  It must have worked as they came out on fire to start the second, scoring the first goal of the night with 35 minutes to go in the game.

I could almost see the relief on the girls faces.  They had out shot Whitko 10 to 2 in the first half, but just couldn't convert.  They did go on to score again with 20 minutes left and put the final touches on a shutout at 3-0 with one minute left.  Everyone was in a great mood on the bus ride home.  Doug was even able to get a team selfie by the bus before they left.  I was glad that they won.  Whitko played as well as they could, but Wawasee was the better team and the win put them above 500 for the season.  I also enjoyed giving Doug a hard time about being threatened with a yellow card from the ref.  He felt they were going for his players not the ball.  The ref obviously didn't agree.  We celebrated the win by taking Meg, Cameron and Kaitlin to Joe's for ice cream - a post game win tradition.

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