Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Rare Day Off

Today was the first Saturday since the beginning of August that Doug did not have a soccer commitment for the Wawasee girls.  Originally we thought about going to Bloomington, but since Cal was home last weekend and our remodeling project is ahead of schedule Doug decided to stay home and paint Meg's bedroom.  She picked out a purple that is a little darker than her bathroom and matches the main level dining room.  Doug was able to finish the majority of it between today and last night with only a few touch ups left for Sunday.  Much to the Heinisch children's delight he was also able to save Blue.  I painted him on Brett and Cal's bedroom wall well over a decade ago and he is still holding strong.

Doug was also able to use his free Saturday morning to attend  Cam's soccer game.  It was a great one to watch.  They played Lakeland Christian Academy in Warsaw.  Cam started the second half and only sat out five minutes or so.  We were impressed with how much Cam has improved in skills this season.  He was most proud of the play in which he chased down the ball and inadvertently knocked an opponent down.  His team secured a 1-0 victory scoring early and defending the lead for most of the half.  Soccer has been a great experience for Cam.  We are very glad that he decided to give it a try this year.

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