Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When it Rains, It Pours!!

Tonight the girls soccer team had their second game of the season.  Doug asked me to ride the bus with them as he couldn't make it from Bristol to Syracuse for the 3:45 departure time.  I had watched the weather off and on all day.  It called for rain, but when I left it was 95 and muggy without a cloud in the sky.  We were early to the game and the girls hung out in the shade until Doug got there.  After warm-ups dark clouds did start to appear, but they seemed to all be moving north of us, so I wasn't too concerned.

The girls got off to a great start and before we knew it they were up 5-0 and it was half time.  It had cooled off by then, but I still had faith that we would not see rain.  Monday was wet enough for me.  I sat in my Dad's van during the half and realized that I was wrong.  We definitely were in for a rain storm.  I made it over to the bench in time to grab my backpack and the clipboard before they called it.  There wasn't even time to get back to the van before I was completely soaked.  It felt as though a bucket of water was pouring on my head and wouldn't stop.

I hung out in Dad's car drenched and cold.  The girls all made it to the bus with Doug.  They did eventually finish the game and although a sluggish start after the rain delay cost Wawasee two goals, they held on to win 7-2 just as they did Monday night.  Meg was happy that she had a chance to score again.  I have enjoyed keeping stats and watching the girls play, but would be thankful for a game complete with sunshine just once this season.  

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