Saturday, August 27, 2016

What's With All The Rain?

Shortly after Doug and Meg left this morning the rain clouds rolled in and I heard thunder.  No sooner had I got to the window then the lightening struck and I could see the rain falling.  Doug texted me to let me know that there was a 30 minute delay.  Before the thirty minutes were up, however, the game had been postponed until Monday. What an August!  I cannot remember one in which the rain had altered so many outdoor plans.  Normally, that is reserved for April.  It was the right call, though, as it stormed until after lunch.

The cancellation of the game freed up an afternoon for us.  Doug used the extra time to head out early for Bloomington.  He needed to run some items down to Cal and Caleb and decided that it would be a good weekend to play golf and take Cal out to dinner.  Parce was out of town, but said it was no problem for Doug to stay there.

Cam was supposed to have a golf tournament, but that was postponed as well.  Therefore, Meg, Cam and I decided to go to South Bend for the day.  We stopped at the mall to check out Barnes & Noble, The Disney Store and the candy shoppe.  No trip is complete without a sale at Yankee Candle and this was a good one.  I did limit myself to only three candles.  Meg, of course, called me the crazy bird/candle lady.

We stopped at Michael's next and bought Meg more string for her friendship bracelets.  Cameron found a latch hook Panda.  He wanted to try it and I couldn't have been happier.  I loved latch hook as a child and am glad that someone in the Heinisch family thought it looked like fun.  Our last shopping stop was Target.

After a day of shopping we all were ready for dinner at Noodles & Company.  It was delicious as always and we made it home in time for a game of "Life of a Panda."  Grandma and Grandpa joined us for that.  Meg swore that she would never play again as she returned to start at least four times.  We finished the evening with the movie Monsters and Aliens.  I am not loving the August rain storms, but I did enjoy the extra free time today.

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