Saturday, August 20, 2016

Suicide Squad

Three games - three down pours.  The rain didn't start until game time, but once it did, it was deja vu of Wednesday night's game.  Unfortunately, the score was not the same as the girls lost to a good Westview team 3-0.  There weren't a lot of opportunities for scoring, but Meg almost put one in with a header off of a corner kick.  The JV did get cancelled with about 5 minutes to go because of the weather and we found out later that there was an EFO tornado just north of the high school.

Once we warmed up and dried off Meg said that she and Gabby wanted to go see Suicide Squad in Goshen.  We invited Paula to go with us to have dinner at Kelly Jae's.  Cam decided that sounded like a good idea and joined us.  We tried some delicious dishes and enjoyed the conversation.  Afterward we met the girls at The Chief for ice cream.  They loved the movie and it got out just in time as we ordered right as they shut off the lights for the evening.  It was a wonderful evening spent with good friends.

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