Monday, August 15, 2016

She Shoots, She Scores

Tonight was the first official girls soccer game of the season and it was a good one.  We played Lakeland at home.  It was a rainy day and a lot cooler than it had been, but no one seemed to mind.  Last year's team started out behind from the beginning giving up an easy goal in the first 40 seconds.  After that they spent the rest of the game playing catch up.  Doug did not want that to happen again and must have gotten that point across to this year's group.  They controlled the ball for the majority of the game and put on a scoring show in the first half leading 4-0.  Cal came for the first half and told Doug that he thought that they actually could have led by much more as they had a lot of chances that just missed.

The second half was not executed as well, but our goalie made some great stops and the forwards got it going again scoring 3 more to give Wawasee an impressive 7-2 victory.  I was so proud of Doug and Meg when the game ended.  They have both dedicated a lot of time into the program and tonight it showed.  Just four years ago Lakeland beat Wawasee 7-0 and last year we squeaked out a victory 3-2 in the last minute.  Meg has talked so many of her friends into playing this year that it feels like a family.  The forwards are supported of one another and set goals together as teammates.  Tonight they decided that each one of them should score.  When that happened early they upped it to two a piece and met that goal midway through the first half.  In fact Kaitlin almost scored as well.  She was in subbing for Meg and had a breakaway that missed.  It was an awesome game to watch and I am glad to say that Kaitlin did score the only goal in the JV game.

Soccer is a huge commitment for our family.  There are times that it takes away from our time together in the fall.  Overall, however, it has been good for all of us.  Proud tonight of my soccer family and the support they have shown Doug and Meg.  

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