Tuesday, August 16, 2016

See You Soon!

Today was the day Cal looked forward to all summer - move in day at IU.  We headed out early this morning with our van packed and his car at maximum capacity with his Goodwill find of the year (a $10 office chair filling the backseat.)  The weather was dreary, but it didn't dampen the mood.  Cal was ready to move on from high school life and we were happy for him.  

Tomorrow was the official move-in day, but Cal wanted to miss the crowds.  It was still busy, but his room was on the second floor so we didn't need to wait on an elevator.  Doug was able to help him get his TV and refrigerator set up, and I worked on unpacking what I could.  Cal said he was fine doing it on his own, but let me help anyway.  I appreciated him letting me be a part of his move-in experience.

Once we got the majority of his room unpacked Cal asked to go to Mother Bear's for lunch.  We picked up Parce and headed over.  As a bonus it was 10" Tuesday's.  Thus, we all had plenty to eat and Cal could use his new fridge for leftovers.  We did forget an HDMI cord for his Apple TV.  We dreaded a trip to the mall, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  When we got back to the dorm Caleb and his parents were there.  We visited for a little while and by four we could tell Cal was ready to say goodbye.

I did get a hug on the way out.  I will really miss Cal.  We have all enjoyed his senior year, but he's ready to fly and we're ready to let him soar.  As we drove home I realized that our lives will change once again as we become a household of four.  I will not mourn for days gone by, however.   Instead I will enjoy hearing about his newfound adventures.  There will be no tears of sadness on my part. It would not be fair to those like my mother who said goodbye to their sons forever.  I will hold memories of Cal's childhood in my heart, and think of him often.  It's been a wonderful ride.  This was not truly goodbye, only see you soon Cal!

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