Saturday, August 13, 2016


The Olympics have been on all week and the Heinisch family has spent a good deal of time watching them, especially Cal.  He even pulled up the ping pong final on his phone as NBC wasn't covering it on regular television.  This week has mostly been dominated by swimming and Michael Phelps.  Team gymnastics has also been a highlight, but I noticed that whenever it came on we all headed for bed.  Just wasn't our sport.

The best part of the Olympics for me has been listening to Cal's enthusiasm for the competition.  He has kept Doug and I up to date on each event even women's rugby.  I will miss that next week when he is at IU, and I know that Doug will too.  The three of us did notice that there were a lot of IU swimmers participating in the Olympics this year.  They did very well, medaling in several events.  I asked Cal if he would follow IU swimming.  He said he is now IU everything - even gymnastics.  Love that about him.  Can't wait for updates when we visit him.  It will be quieter at our home starting Wednesday, but I know he is ready for this adventure.  

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