Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Off to a Great Start!

The soccer girls had a game at Manchester tonight.  Doug and I both were able to ride the bus to the match with the team this time.   He knew this team well as he had lost to them twice before 1-0 and tied last year.  His plan was to get the ball to the outside midfielders or wings as Manchester in the past always clogged the middle with defense.  He also knew that they were weaker at offense, so they needed to attack early and hold on defensively.

His strategy worked well the first 20 minutes.  The girls made some good runs and had a couple of nice shots on goal.  They struggled leading into the half and right after halftime, but with 21:05 left in the game one of the midfielders put a fantastic shot on goal just out of reach of the keeper giving Wawasee the lead 1 to 0.  The goal lifted the girls spirits as well and made them forget how hot it was.  For the last twenty minutes their main focus was to hold Manchester to a shut out.  The ball went back and forth a lot and Doug was pacing up and down the sidelines obviously nervous.  The girls hung tight, however, and everyone held their breath as Manchester made one last run with ten seconds to go.  A nice defensive stop put the ball out of play and gave Wawasee the victory.

It was a fun night to have ridden the bus.  The girls were happy to have won, and the ride how was full of laughter.  This may not have been their best game of the year, but it sure was a sweet win.

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