Thursday, August 4, 2016

Garage Sale

This year the Heinisch family decided not to have a large garage sale.  In fact we actually thought that we would skip it all together, but when Mom said that she was going to go ahead and have one we came up with some items to put out.  Cam cleaned out his room last January, so he had quite a bit.  He also found all of the duplicate Pokemon cards that he wanted to sell.  Cal cleaned out his dressers and bookcase.  He had several golf clubs he wanted to part with as well.  Meg and I had a couple of items, but not a lot.  Brett had the least as most of his possessions are with him or boxed up for when he moves out for good.

The first day went a lot better than we thought it would.  As a family we sold almost a $100 worth of items.  My parents did well ending close to $200.  Jan and Lee also brought down some furniture and knick knacks from the house in Syracuse.  They did pretty well.  Overall, I was happy as we had planned on participating at all this summer and by doing this we cleaned out our garage.

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