Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Night Lights

Tonight was the first home football game of the season and Meg decided that she wanted to go.  Last year she got kind of bored at them, but this time everyone met at our house to get ready and that seemed more fun.  The theme was the Olympics which matched Doug's theme for practice as he mostly kept it light and fun with relays and games to work on soccer skills.

Meg and her friends headed to the game decked in red, white and blue.  They were track runners complete with number on their shirts.  They even had medals around to match their spirit.  Meg said that going to the game was alright.  She thought last year's seniors made the crowd more fun.  I am sure that Cal would agree.

Cam went golfing with Grandma and Doug and I tried to get caught up at home and school.  Doug spent the evening rearranging Cal's room and bathroom, so that Syl can start the remodeling process next week.  I used the time to try and complete all the grading for the week at least in my math classes.  I was able to get through three of the four after spending five hours total on it today.  We did have time to go out to dinner tonight for a break.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Hopefully, we will get caught up soon.

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