Friday, August 12, 2016

First Week is History

I survived my first week as a full time 6th grade math teacher and actually felt it was a success.  It was chaotic, but the first week of school always is.  There were scheduling issues and a learning curve with students going one to one with technology, but when all was said and done it went pretty well.  Math feels a lot more comfortable to me.  Thus, I should be able to manage my teaching schedule better.  The only part of taking over 6th grade math when Mr. Larson moved to 4th grade was losing my hallway partner.  We had a lot of fun talking while monitoring students and I really missed that this week.  I stopped by his room today before I left to let him know that.  I was glad to hear that he agreed with me.  Guess I'll have to make the walk down to the elementary more often this year.  Overall, however, it was a good move for both of us and I know it will be a great year.

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