Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Different School, Same Outcome

Cam had his first game of the season and we were all able to attend.  His game didn't start until 6:15 and Doug and Meg got out of practice just in time to be there for the start.  Cam did a nice job as full back and said that he had a lot of fun.  His coach talked to him about what he needed to work on and he felt pretty good about the night despite the outcome.  Our expectations were probably different from most walking into the game.  Northridge soccer has pounded on Wawasee for years.  Therefore, we assumed that we probably weren't going to win.  We felt pretty good about Cam's team getting a goal on them.  I watched part of the A team game and was pretty sure that their middle school team could beat some high school teams.

To celebrate the 6-1 loss we took Cam and Meg to Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was traditional wing night and we all enjoyed our favorite sauces.  Cam has another game Thursday night.  That one will be against Lakeland, which will definitely be more competitive for Bethany.  Can't wait to see how it goes.

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