Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Day, Another Win!!

Tonight the girls played at home against Bethany Christian.  Bethany has not had a girls soccer team in several years, but that changed this fall.  Doug knew they would be tough as Bethany definitely values it's soccer teams and works hard in the off season.  He had played them during 7 on 7 and although they competed well, he felt that Wawasee could win.

He was totally correct.  They did have a very good team for their first year together.  Doug, however, had prepared his offense well after Tuesday's game, working on passing and crossing the ball at the goal instead of trying to out dribble the defense.  They made some great runs in the first half and had outshot Bethany 16 to 6.  The score, however, did not reflect this as it was 1-1 at the break.  After the rest period Wawasee came out focused and stayed in control of the game with the majority of play on their side of the field.  Two more goals - one off a great corner kick from Meg - gave Wawasee the victory at 3-1.  This pushed their overall record to 4 and 1, which is their best start in the last five years.

It was a fun game to keep stats at as all of Doug's girls got into the game, even the JV players, who normally do not play swing.  It was also a beautiful night without any rain.  The only downside was beating Cameron's school.  I know that they are all good students with great attitudes.  Cam did say he was cheering for Meg.  We were glad to hear that.  Doug took us all to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate afterward.  Saturday the girls play Concord.  That will be a rough game, but right now the goal is to enjoy the awesome start to the season.

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