Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Night for Friends

After our  Walmart trip yesterday we dropped Cameron off at Evan's.  Mary had texted to see if he could visit Friday, but Cam would have been in school by then.  Thankfully, Tuesday worked for them also and Evan and Cam had a great time visiting one another.  Most of the afternoon was spent playing Wii and looking for Pokemon.  Cam stayed for dinner and Mary bought him home afterward.

Meg had friends over as well yesterday.  She wanted to have Genevieve, Kaitlin and Gabby here and last night was the one that worked for all of them.  Most of the evening was spent talking about camp, dancing and watching movies.  They stayed up later than normal, but Meg was able to rest this afternoon before practice.

Cal has been able to hang out with his friends more now that he is no longer working.  He and Stephen have gone looking for Pokemon a lot and he and Jayce have been able to find time to go golfing.  All too soon he will be leaving for college.  Until then we will enjoy whatever time he is home.

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