Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Bad Day Times 39

Today was one of those days when anything that could go wrong just seemed to do so.  Nothing was life altering, but by the time I drove to pickup Cam at 5:15, I was in tears.  As I talked to my Mom about the disasters of the day we were reminded of the real tragedy that occurred in our family 39 years ago.  August 31st was the day that my brother died changing our lives forever.  It was the first thing I thought about this morning, and although I don't dwell on the date, it did seem to set a tone for the day.

Once I realized that nothing tragic had happened and the mishaps of the day could be rectified, I was able to regroup and move on.  Life is all about perspective and today I received a heavy does of that.  By the time we ate dinner I was even able to laugh when Meg said, "Well, today is the day we honor two deaths - Bunk's and my phone."

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