Tuesday, August 2, 2016

$2 Tuesdays

I took Cam to Raccoon Run today for the continuation of his match play tournament.  He lost a close one to the current leader, but is tied for second.  He was happy with how he played.  Normally Cam plays another nine holes once he is finished, but decided today that is was too hot for him.  Thus, he stayed and watched the older boys compete on the last hole until we arrived.  

Once we picked Cam up we all headed to Walmart for $2 Tuesdays at Ben's pretzels.  We also picked up some much needed groceries and last minute school supplies that we had forgotten.  Cal and Hannah-Marie did not join us on our excursion, but enjoyed the pretzels that we brought back for them.  I'm sad that it was the last day that we would be able to take advantage of this bargain as Cam will be in school next Tuesday.  

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