Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Bad Day Times 39

Today was one of those days when anything that could go wrong just seemed to do so.  Nothing was life altering, but by the time I drove to pickup Cam at 5:15, I was in tears.  As I talked to my Mom about the disasters of the day we were reminded of the real tragedy that occurred in our family 39 years ago.  August 31st was the day that my brother died changing our lives forever.  It was the first thing I thought about this morning, and although I don't dwell on the date, it did seem to set a tone for the day.

Once I realized that nothing tragic had happened and the mishaps of the day could be rectified, I was able to regroup and move on.  Life is all about perspective and today I received a heavy does of that.  By the time we ate dinner I was even able to laugh when Meg said, "Well, today is the day we honor two deaths - Bunk's and my phone."

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Different School, Same Outcome

Cam had his first game of the season and we were all able to attend.  His game didn't start until 6:15 and Doug and Meg got out of practice just in time to be there for the start.  Cam did a nice job as full back and said that he had a lot of fun.  His coach talked to him about what he needed to work on and he felt pretty good about the night despite the outcome.  Our expectations were probably different from most walking into the game.  Northridge soccer has pounded on Wawasee for years.  Therefore, we assumed that we probably weren't going to win.  We felt pretty good about Cam's team getting a goal on them.  I watched part of the A team game and was pretty sure that their middle school team could beat some high school teams.

To celebrate the 6-1 loss we took Cam and Meg to Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was traditional wing night and we all enjoyed our favorite sauces.  Cam has another game Thursday night.  That one will be against Lakeland, which will definitely be more competitive for Bethany.  Can't wait to see how it goes.

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Moral Victory

Tonight was the make up game from the rain out with Concord on Saturday and the weather was drastically different.  The rain clouds were gone from the weekend leaving a hot, sticky afternoon for soccer complete with bees nests on the score board and the dug out.  Despite the heat, bees and tough opponent the girls played well.  They had an opportunity to score early, but couldn't quite convert.  At the break the game was a close one with Concord leading 1-0.

The second half was much like the first.  Doug had to substitute more than normal because of the heat.  He had a lot of girls asking to come out and for the first time since he has been coaching the refs required a water break after 20 minutes of play.  In the end Concord was the winner on the books, but the Wawasee girls scored a moral victory.  It was the best that they have played against Concord in Doug's tenure and certainly was fun to watch.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Four Unique Beings

The most interesting part of being a parent to me is discovering each child's unique personality.  When I was pregnant with Cal I couldn't imagine having a child that wasn't just like Brett.  In fact several people told me that I would be surprised at just how different my second child would be from my first.  I remember smiling and agreeing, but knew that they were wrong.  Doug and I were the same parents, so our children would be relatively close in personality, interests and intellect.  It was only a short time after Cal's birth when I realized that I had a lot to learn about raising children and the first item on the agenda was understanding that each of the Heinisch children may have received the same genes, but that did not make them the same individual.

At first the reality of this fact scared me, but as the boys grew and Meg came along I started to thoroughly enjoy the unique personalities of each of the Heinisch children.  They kept life interesting and everyday was an adventure.  When Cam joined the family and showed traits of both Cal and Brett, several family members and friends commented on how much he reminded them of one of his older brothers.  There were some similarities and he was greatly influenced by his siblings, but even Cam developed into his own person with his own likes and dislikes and unique style.  

This week has reminded me a lot of just how different they all are and how because of this they need us in different ways.  I have always been glad that they can rely on us and that we could helped when called upon to do so.  The best part about the challenges of late, however, is that they have turned to each other for support each with their own perspective and ideas to help.  As a parent that has been awesome to witness.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

What's With All The Rain?

Shortly after Doug and Meg left this morning the rain clouds rolled in and I heard thunder.  No sooner had I got to the window then the lightening struck and I could see the rain falling.  Doug texted me to let me know that there was a 30 minute delay.  Before the thirty minutes were up, however, the game had been postponed until Monday. What an August!  I cannot remember one in which the rain had altered so many outdoor plans.  Normally, that is reserved for April.  It was the right call, though, as it stormed until after lunch.

The cancellation of the game freed up an afternoon for us.  Doug used the extra time to head out early for Bloomington.  He needed to run some items down to Cal and Caleb and decided that it would be a good weekend to play golf and take Cal out to dinner.  Parce was out of town, but said it was no problem for Doug to stay there.

Cam was supposed to have a golf tournament, but that was postponed as well.  Therefore, Meg, Cam and I decided to go to South Bend for the day.  We stopped at the mall to check out Barnes & Noble, The Disney Store and the candy shoppe.  No trip is complete without a sale at Yankee Candle and this was a good one.  I did limit myself to only three candles.  Meg, of course, called me the crazy bird/candle lady.

We stopped at Michael's next and bought Meg more string for her friendship bracelets.  Cameron found a latch hook Panda.  He wanted to try it and I couldn't have been happier.  I loved latch hook as a child and am glad that someone in the Heinisch family thought it looked like fun.  Our last shopping stop was Target.

After a day of shopping we all were ready for dinner at Noodles & Company.  It was delicious as always and we made it home in time for a game of "Life of a Panda."  Grandma and Grandpa joined us for that.  Meg swore that she would never play again as she returned to start at least four times.  We finished the evening with the movie Monsters and Aliens.  I am not loving the August rain storms, but I did enjoy the extra free time today.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Presidential Rallies

Last night Brett went to a Presidential rally for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  It was held on the capitol steps in Concord and Brett was glad to have been a participant.  He doesn't plan on voting for Johnson as they have fundamental differences in several key political points, but it was still a great experience.

The first person that Brett texted to tell about the rally was Cal.  Lots of great comments going back and forth between the two.  Mostly they were about who they plan to vote for and the differences between a Trump rally and a Johnson one.  I am so impressed that each were interested enough in politics to attend presidential rallies this year and am very proud of them for letting the world know that their vote matters.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Day, Another Win!!

Tonight the girls played at home against Bethany Christian.  Bethany has not had a girls soccer team in several years, but that changed this fall.  Doug knew they would be tough as Bethany definitely values it's soccer teams and works hard in the off season.  He had played them during 7 on 7 and although they competed well, he felt that Wawasee could win.

He was totally correct.  They did have a very good team for their first year together.  Doug, however, had prepared his offense well after Tuesday's game, working on passing and crossing the ball at the goal instead of trying to out dribble the defense.  They made some great runs in the first half and had outshot Bethany 16 to 6.  The score, however, did not reflect this as it was 1-1 at the break.  After the rest period Wawasee came out focused and stayed in control of the game with the majority of play on their side of the field.  Two more goals - one off a great corner kick from Meg - gave Wawasee the victory at 3-1.  This pushed their overall record to 4 and 1, which is their best start in the last five years.

It was a fun game to keep stats at as all of Doug's girls got into the game, even the JV players, who normally do not play swing.  It was also a beautiful night without any rain.  The only downside was beating Cameron's school.  I know that they are all good students with great attitudes.  Cam did say he was cheering for Meg.  We were glad to hear that.  Doug took us all to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate afterward.  Saturday the girls play Concord.  That will be a rough game, but right now the goal is to enjoy the awesome start to the season.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hand of God

My Mom has always told me that things happen for a reason.  The older I have gotten the more that I believe that is true.  There are times in life when situations occur that just aren't understandable at the time, but make sense days, weeks or months later.  Today was one of those days.  I felt as though God knew I needed a clearer understanding of life's frustrations and one appeared.  I wasn't looking for it or questioning His judgement, but at the end of the day I felt such a sense of relief.  I thank God for helping us through a tough situation and pray for the strength to endure all of life's challenges.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Off to a Great Start!

The soccer girls had a game at Manchester tonight.  Doug and I both were able to ride the bus to the match with the team this time.   He knew this team well as he had lost to them twice before 1-0 and tied last year.  His plan was to get the ball to the outside midfielders or wings as Manchester in the past always clogged the middle with defense.  He also knew that they were weaker at offense, so they needed to attack early and hold on defensively.

His strategy worked well the first 20 minutes.  The girls made some good runs and had a couple of nice shots on goal.  They struggled leading into the half and right after halftime, but with 21:05 left in the game one of the midfielders put a fantastic shot on goal just out of reach of the keeper giving Wawasee the lead 1 to 0.  The goal lifted the girls spirits as well and made them forget how hot it was.  For the last twenty minutes their main focus was to hold Manchester to a shut out.  The ball went back and forth a lot and Doug was pacing up and down the sidelines obviously nervous.  The girls hung tight, however, and everyone held their breath as Manchester made one last run with ten seconds to go.  A nice defensive stop put the ball out of play and gave Wawasee the victory.

It was a fun night to have ridden the bus.  The girls were happy to have won, and the ride how was full of laughter.  This may not have been their best game of the year, but it sure was a sweet win.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Wal-Mart Run & Little Caesar's

Today after school I ran to Wal-Mart to get some much needed shopping done.  With soccer, school and Cal leaving for IU I just haven't been able to keep up.  I was able to get some groceries as well as pet supplies and a shower gift.  From there I decided to pick up Little Caesar's.  There was still plenty of time before I had to pick up Cam and Doug had county council tonight, so it was the perfect evening for it.

Cam and Meg must have agreed as there wasn't a lot left for Doug when he got home at 8.  His meeting went well and I used the time he was gone to finish my emergency sub plans.  I am going to try and not work as much once we get home, but need some time to get the beginning of the year items taken care of.  So far it has been busy, but a lot more manageable than last year.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Welcome Week

Cal enjoyed Welcome Week at IU.  His favorite day was probably Friday as he went to a pep rally at the football stadium where Tom Crean spoke to all of them.  He and Jayce then went to late night at the Union where they received free food, attended an Improv show and played another pair in ping pong.  Earlier in the week he went to Culture Fest, participated in laser tag and played many hours of basketball at the Wic,

Besides all of the IU activities Cal was also able to attend a Parce Welcome Week festivity.  He met him for lunch at Food Truck Fridays.  I know that they enjoyed it as they sent pictures to me of the Kabob truck.  Even though he had a great week, he told us today that he was definitely ready for classes to start tomorrow.  Those will keep him pretty busy, soon enough.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Suicide Squad

Three games - three down pours.  The rain didn't start until game time, but once it did, it was deja vu of Wednesday night's game.  Unfortunately, the score was not the same as the girls lost to a good Westview team 3-0.  There weren't a lot of opportunities for scoring, but Meg almost put one in with a header off of a corner kick.  The JV did get cancelled with about 5 minutes to go because of the weather and we found out later that there was an EFO tornado just north of the high school.

Once we warmed up and dried off Meg said that she and Gabby wanted to go see Suicide Squad in Goshen.  We invited Paula to go with us to have dinner at Kelly Jae's.  Cam decided that sounded like a good idea and joined us.  We tried some delicious dishes and enjoyed the conversation.  Afterward we met the girls at The Chief for ice cream.  They loved the movie and it got out just in time as we ordered right as they shut off the lights for the evening.  It was a wonderful evening spent with good friends.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Night Lights

Tonight was the first home football game of the season and Meg decided that she wanted to go.  Last year she got kind of bored at them, but this time everyone met at our house to get ready and that seemed more fun.  The theme was the Olympics which matched Doug's theme for practice as he mostly kept it light and fun with relays and games to work on soccer skills.

Meg and her friends headed to the game decked in red, white and blue.  They were track runners complete with number on their shirts.  They even had medals around to match their spirit.  Meg said that going to the game was alright.  She thought last year's seniors made the crowd more fun.  I am sure that Cal would agree.

Cam went golfing with Grandma and Doug and I tried to get caught up at home and school.  Doug spent the evening rearranging Cal's room and bathroom, so that Syl can start the remodeling process next week.  I used the time to try and complete all the grading for the week at least in my math classes.  I was able to get through three of the four after spending five hours total on it today.  We did have time to go out to dinner tonight for a break.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Hopefully, we will get caught up soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Brett checked in with us today.  He has been very busy with work as the New Hampshire primary is September 13th and they have a lot of doors to knock on before then.  He has also attended several gubernatorial speeches and met with several local candidates.

Brett took time out, however, from work to take the GRE this morning.  He spent quite a few nights studying for it these past few weeks and overall was pleased with his verbal and math scores.  It will take longer to get his written assessment back, but once he does he is going to apply for grad school.  He would prefer to keep working in the political field, but as he was only hired until November for this position he wants to keep all avenues open.  Sounds like a good plan to me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When it Rains, It Pours!!

Tonight the girls soccer team had their second game of the season.  Doug asked me to ride the bus with them as he couldn't make it from Bristol to Syracuse for the 3:45 departure time.  I had watched the weather off and on all day.  It called for rain, but when I left it was 95 and muggy without a cloud in the sky.  We were early to the game and the girls hung out in the shade until Doug got there.  After warm-ups dark clouds did start to appear, but they seemed to all be moving north of us, so I wasn't too concerned.

The girls got off to a great start and before we knew it they were up 5-0 and it was half time.  It had cooled off by then, but I still had faith that we would not see rain.  Monday was wet enough for me.  I sat in my Dad's van during the half and realized that I was wrong.  We definitely were in for a rain storm.  I made it over to the bench in time to grab my backpack and the clipboard before they called it.  There wasn't even time to get back to the van before I was completely soaked.  It felt as though a bucket of water was pouring on my head and wouldn't stop.

I hung out in Dad's car drenched and cold.  The girls all made it to the bus with Doug.  They did eventually finish the game and although a sluggish start after the rain delay cost Wawasee two goals, they held on to win 7-2 just as they did Monday night.  Meg was happy that she had a chance to score again.  I have enjoyed keeping stats and watching the girls play, but would be thankful for a game complete with sunshine just once this season.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

See You Soon!

Today was the day Cal looked forward to all summer - move in day at IU.  We headed out early this morning with our van packed and his car at maximum capacity with his Goodwill find of the year (a $10 office chair filling the backseat.)  The weather was dreary, but it didn't dampen the mood.  Cal was ready to move on from high school life and we were happy for him.  

Tomorrow was the official move-in day, but Cal wanted to miss the crowds.  It was still busy, but his room was on the second floor so we didn't need to wait on an elevator.  Doug was able to help him get his TV and refrigerator set up, and I worked on unpacking what I could.  Cal said he was fine doing it on his own, but let me help anyway.  I appreciated him letting me be a part of his move-in experience.

Once we got the majority of his room unpacked Cal asked to go to Mother Bear's for lunch.  We picked up Parce and headed over.  As a bonus it was 10" Tuesday's.  Thus, we all had plenty to eat and Cal could use his new fridge for leftovers.  We did forget an HDMI cord for his Apple TV.  We dreaded a trip to the mall, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  When we got back to the dorm Caleb and his parents were there.  We visited for a little while and by four we could tell Cal was ready to say goodbye.

I did get a hug on the way out.  I will really miss Cal.  We have all enjoyed his senior year, but he's ready to fly and we're ready to let him soar.  As we drove home I realized that our lives will change once again as we become a household of four.  I will not mourn for days gone by, however.   Instead I will enjoy hearing about his newfound adventures.  There will be no tears of sadness on my part. It would not be fair to those like my mother who said goodbye to their sons forever.  I will hold memories of Cal's childhood in my heart, and think of him often.  It's been a wonderful ride.  This was not truly goodbye, only see you soon Cal!

Monday, August 15, 2016

She Shoots, She Scores

Tonight was the first official girls soccer game of the season and it was a good one.  We played Lakeland at home.  It was a rainy day and a lot cooler than it had been, but no one seemed to mind.  Last year's team started out behind from the beginning giving up an easy goal in the first 40 seconds.  After that they spent the rest of the game playing catch up.  Doug did not want that to happen again and must have gotten that point across to this year's group.  They controlled the ball for the majority of the game and put on a scoring show in the first half leading 4-0.  Cal came for the first half and told Doug that he thought that they actually could have led by much more as they had a lot of chances that just missed.

The second half was not executed as well, but our goalie made some great stops and the forwards got it going again scoring 3 more to give Wawasee an impressive 7-2 victory.  I was so proud of Doug and Meg when the game ended.  They have both dedicated a lot of time into the program and tonight it showed.  Just four years ago Lakeland beat Wawasee 7-0 and last year we squeaked out a victory 3-2 in the last minute.  Meg has talked so many of her friends into playing this year that it feels like a family.  The forwards are supported of one another and set goals together as teammates.  Tonight they decided that each one of them should score.  When that happened early they upped it to two a piece and met that goal midway through the first half.  In fact Kaitlin almost scored as well.  She was in subbing for Meg and had a breakaway that missed.  It was an awesome game to watch and I am glad to say that Kaitlin did score the only goal in the JV game.

Soccer is a huge commitment for our family.  There are times that it takes away from our time together in the fall.  Overall, however, it has been good for all of us.  Proud tonight of my soccer family and the support they have shown Doug and Meg.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cousin Reunion 2016

This weekend was a busy one.  We packed Cal for college.  I had to write plans for a week's worth of classes plus make an hours worth of copies at school.  Meg and Doug worked the Kiwanis Triathlon and went to soccer practice, and Doug and Cam served and lectored at mass.  In the middle of all of the chaos that surrounded the Heinisch schedule we also babysat for the Lakins children and hosted the entire family for a welcome home get together.  I wasn't sure that we would be able to pull it off, but am happy to say that we did it and from what I heard everyone had a great time.

Ann Frances, Marr and Anderson arrived yesterday around 2 p.m.  They spent the afternoon playing ping pong and pool in the basement.  After LaMarr and Sharon left Doug and I went to Goshen to pick up a refrigerator for Cal.  Meg and Ann Fran said that they would have no problem babysitting and they were right.  They had Pizza King for dinner, played badminton, looked for Pokemon, played games and only had one incidence of fighting between the younger two boys that they had to break up.  Meg was even smart enough to call my Mom to help clean up the guinea pig accident that occurred on our new couch when she realized that we were out of Resolve.  Doug started a fire when we got back home.  The five of them ended the evening playing Ghost in the Graveyard while we were outside.  The boys then slept in the basement while Meg and Ann Fran slept upstairs.

Today all of Mom's family met at our home for lunch.  Everyone seemed to have a good time meeting the new babies and catching up.  Doug grilled hamburgers and brats while I monitored the supplies keeping everything stocked and the kitchen clean.  It took a couple of hours afterward to get the house back in order and ready for the week, especially with the schedule we have coming up.  Meg, Cal and Cam had a wonderful time visiting everyone and even HM joined the party for awhile.  The only thing missing was Brett.  Not ready for another get together for awhile, but nice that everyone got to see the Lakins family.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


The Olympics have been on all week and the Heinisch family has spent a good deal of time watching them, especially Cal.  He even pulled up the ping pong final on his phone as NBC wasn't covering it on regular television.  This week has mostly been dominated by swimming and Michael Phelps.  Team gymnastics has also been a highlight, but I noticed that whenever it came on we all headed for bed.  Just wasn't our sport.

The best part of the Olympics for me has been listening to Cal's enthusiasm for the competition.  He has kept Doug and I up to date on each event even women's rugby.  I will miss that next week when he is at IU, and I know that Doug will too.  The three of us did notice that there were a lot of IU swimmers participating in the Olympics this year.  They did very well, medaling in several events.  I asked Cal if he would follow IU swimming.  He said he is now IU everything - even gymnastics.  Love that about him.  Can't wait for updates when we visit him.  It will be quieter at our home starting Wednesday, but I know he is ready for this adventure.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

First Week is History

I survived my first week as a full time 6th grade math teacher and actually felt it was a success.  It was chaotic, but the first week of school always is.  There were scheduling issues and a learning curve with students going one to one with technology, but when all was said and done it went pretty well.  Math feels a lot more comfortable to me.  Thus, I should be able to manage my teaching schedule better.  The only part of taking over 6th grade math when Mr. Larson moved to 4th grade was losing my hallway partner.  We had a lot of fun talking while monitoring students and I really missed that this week.  I stopped by his room today before I left to let him know that.  I was glad to hear that he agreed with me.  Guess I'll have to make the walk down to the elementary more often this year.  Overall, however, it was a good move for both of us and I know it will be a great year.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

First Day for Meg

Meg learned in her Freshmen year that nothing starts a day better than a Frappe, so she decided to try one again as a sophomore!  It must have worked as she came home all smiles.  She also found friends in all of her classes and likes her teachers.  Having study hall will help her keep up with her course load in Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Spanish 2 and Honors English.  She enjoyed after school soccer practice and was ready to do homework tonight.  I have told her several times that sophomore year was my favorite.  I hope it is for her too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

2nd Place Times Two

Cam finished the Raccoon Run golf league yesterday.  He was tied for second in match play going in to it and had a thrilling match to complete his successful season.  He had to give his opponent a stroke on two different holes.  They went back and forth several different times with either Cam leading or the match tied.  Heading into the ninth hole they were once again all tied up.  Cam was nervous, that is until his opponent hit his drive into the water.  After that he had no problem winning the hole and securing second place in match play.  He received a trophy for that as well as one for his second place finish in stroke play.  It was a wonderful way to end a fun season, but the best part of all was that he learned a lot and made some great friendships.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Soccer Scrimmage

Tonight the girls traveled to Columbia City for their annual soccer scrimmage.  It was a hot one, but the girls held up pretty well.  The Varsity played the first twenty-five minute session and did exceptionally well.  After the first three minutes Wawasee took control of the ball and never let up.   Meg scored the first goal of the season.  She started the play with a pass to Lee Ann whose shot on goal rebounded off the keeper.  Meg caught it with her left foot and was extremely proud of her first Varsity goal.  The second goal also gave Meg an assist as Alyssa scored her first Varsity goal as well.

The next session was played by the JV.  Columbia City did not have enough for a full JV team, so they mostly played Varsity players again.  The score was lopsided, but the JV gained much needed experience.  Our Varsity returned to the field in the third session not quite ready to play.  After sitting out for 30 minutes it was hard for them to regain focus.  They did start to come back together, but by then Columbia City had scored two goals of their own leaving the Varsity scored tied at 2-2.  The scrimmage ended with a 15 minute penalty kick session.

The girls showed a lot of promise tonight and they were all proud of their improvement from last season.  They definitely put in time in the off season and it showed.  They know they have work to do, especially on staying focused, but overall it was a great way to start the season.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Bucket List

At the end of the school year I made an unofficial summer bucket list for myself.  First and foremost was  a trip to New Hampshire to visit Brett which I was able to check off in July.  Next was walking an average of five miles a day.  I am proud to say that I was able to check that off too with the help of my trusty FitBit.  Third was taking Cam and Meg to Saugatuck, Michigan to visit all of our favorite sites.  They enjoyed it as much as Doug and I always have.  Fourth was Cal's IU orientation which we completed successfully and even added Taste of Bloomington to the mix.

The final item on my summer bucket list was the one that was most daunting for me.  When I decided to add it I wasn't sure that I would be able to check it off.  I am proud to say, however, that late Saturday night I could put down Victor Hugo's 1200 page novel, Les Miserables, and say I finished it. It definitely took up a good portion of my free time in July, but it was so worth it.  Brett had bought me the book as a birthday present after we saw the movie together several years ago.  I had always wanted to read it, but knew if I didn't make it a priority I never would.  The movie was well done and I enjoyed it immensely.  I hoped I would feel the same about the novel.   I know he originally talked me into going to the movie because Russell Crowe was in it, but once the story started I was hooked.

I am glad to say that I felt the same way about the book.  I would pick it up at night and have a hard time putting it down.  After Cal left for work at 6:45 a.m. I would read at least an hour before Cam would be up for the day.  There was so much joy and sadness entangled with the history of France in the early 1800s being told that I just wanted more.  Several of the characters were different than I envisioned them from watching the movie - some more likable, some less.  There were songs, but not the ones I knew by heart.  Instead they were ones popular of the street urchins of the day.  Hugo even made a 100 pages about the history of the Paris sewer fascinating.

The best part of reading this novel, however, wasn't the actual story.  Even though I loved it and could have read many more pages about Marius and Cosette's life together, what I enjoyed most was calling Brett and discussing the book with him.  He knew the history of the time period, the story of Hugo's life and the reasons for changing the characters of the novel for the big screen.  I enjoyed listening to his thoughts and couldn't wait to get to the next chapter to see what he had to say about it.

I finished Les Miserables just in time as the 2016 school year starts for me this week, and with that summer vacation has officially ended.  I have decided not to be sad to see it go.  It wouldn't be fair to the memories our family created and the fun I had checking off my summer bucket list.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Let's Go!

Cal spent a good portion of today getting ready for IU.  He had to take a 90 minute online course about college life.  IU now requires it for all freshmen in the hope of helping them navigate the nuisances of being on their own.  He also had to sign an agreement enabling us to contact his advisors at the Kelley Business school if need be.   I don't think we would ever have to do that, but it's a safeguard incase he would become ill or get into an accident and need us to contact the school for him.  He was also able to check on his scholarships and update his bursar's account.

Before he left for golf I showed him how to do laundry.  There really wasn't much to it - just reminding him to use half as much detergent as recommended, separate darks and lights, and use cold water always.  I have never required the Heinisch children to do laundry.  It is the one area of the house I prefer to control simply to ensure that our clothes stay clean without getting damaged in the process.  Once the laundry was finished he decided to start packing his clothes.  Everything else is pretty much set.

I told him that I would really miss him, but am excited for his new adventure.  He said he would miss us all too, but is more than ready to go.  I am glad to hear that.  He wants to start his own life and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Amish Acres

For the past three years we have purchased season tickets for the Round Barn theater at Amish Acres and have really enjoyed the performances.  This week we were able to see Crazy for You on Thursday afternoon with my Dad.  Cam, Meg and I liked the first act a lot.  The second act just seemed to end awkwardly.  Overall, we liked it better than All Shook Up.  My Dad did not agree.  He preferred the previous show.  Either way it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Today we actually were able to talk Doug into attending Plain and Fancy with us.  He had not been to Amish Acres since we saw Peter Pan with Brett, Cal and his parents.  That had to be at least fifteen years ago.  Plain and Fancy is definitely one of my favorites.  Meg and I were a little disappointed that they cut a couple of the traditional scenes, but it did not detract from the overall performance.  Doug said that he liked it.  He works with a lot of Amish men and women so I know he could relate to the topic.  I was very glad that he went with us.  We even toured the Arts and Crafts fair before leaving.

Cam wanted to play mini-golf after the play.  We talked about going to South Bend, but I was pretty tired.  Instead we decided to go to Par-Mor.  At first we weren't sure that we would be able to play as the door was looked.  There was a note that said to leave money in the door slot and play anyway, but we didn't bring any putters.  Luckily, Doug found some in a corner under the patio umbrellas.  There were also range balls, so we chose four of those and made Cameron's day.  He would have been happier if he had won, but overall we had a fun time.  

We ate dinner at Kelly Jae's.  It is one of our favorite restaurants.  Cam and Meg have never eaten there.  I was impressed with the variety of foods they tried - Korean fried cauliflower and carrot humus to name a few.  Although the mac and cheese was cheesier than they are used to, overall they gave the restaurant two thumbs up!

Friday, August 5, 2016

6th Grade

Today was the first day of 6th grade for Cameron and what a difference a year makes.  Cam was excited last year and well packed with supplies, but nervous and unsure.  He only knew one family, the Leiningers, and none of them were in his class.  He also really wanted Bethany to be his forever school.  He was very unhappy in 4th grade and was hoping that a change would help.  As I dropped him off today I realized that he got exactly what he asked for - new friends, new challenges and new experiences and a place that felt like home.  As I took his picture outside of the school and Meg and I yelled, "Bye peeps!" as Cam walked in the door I couldn't have been happier for him.

Once we dropped him off Meg and I traveled to South Bend for back to school shopping.  Her first stop was Dick's Sporting Goods.  She found the exact pair of cleats that she wanted and they were much less than the $300 pairs of some of her teammates.  I appreciated that.  We stopped at Kohl's next armed with our 30% off.  I found several shirts and Meg bought everything she wanted except a pair of Jesus sandals.  We then headed to the mall.  Meg completed her back to school shopping by checking out Forever 21, Hollister and Journeys.  I really liked her new shoes.  I would have picked out the same pairs when I was her age.  We did have time to stop at Yankee Candle and once again I was able to put my coupons to good use.  I found the perfect pumpkin candle holder for my table.

Our last stop before lunch was Best Buy.  I had $20 in gift certificates to use.  We looked for Cal a refrigerator, but they were too expensive.  Instead I purchased a heavy duty portable charger that should work for Cam's iPad as well.  We had lunch at Meg's favorite - Noodles & Company (or just Noods).  She did switch it up by trying the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.  From lunch we went to Target and then to visit Godmother Jeannette and Joshua.  We had a great visit and I couldn't believe how much he had changed already in just two weeks.

I dropped Meg at piano on our way back through Goshen.  Cam was in playing ping pong after school.  I went in close to 3:50 to remind him it was piano day and they were having a great time.  He  said that his first day was awesome.  They ended the day with fun group activities and Dilly Bars.  As we drove home from piano Cam talked of nothing but school.  Thrilled he enjoyed the first day and has found his niche.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Garage Sale

This year the Heinisch family decided not to have a large garage sale.  In fact we actually thought that we would skip it all together, but when Mom said that she was going to go ahead and have one we came up with some items to put out.  Cam cleaned out his room last January, so he had quite a bit.  He also found all of the duplicate Pokemon cards that he wanted to sell.  Cal cleaned out his dressers and bookcase.  He had several golf clubs he wanted to part with as well.  Meg and I had a couple of items, but not a lot.  Brett had the least as most of his possessions are with him or boxed up for when he moves out for good.

The first day went a lot better than we thought it would.  As a family we sold almost a $100 worth of items.  My parents did well ending close to $200.  Jan and Lee also brought down some furniture and knick knacks from the house in Syracuse.  They did pretty well.  Overall, I was happy as we had planned on participating at all this summer and by doing this we cleaned out our garage.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Night for Friends

After our  Walmart trip yesterday we dropped Cameron off at Evan's.  Mary had texted to see if he could visit Friday, but Cam would have been in school by then.  Thankfully, Tuesday worked for them also and Evan and Cam had a great time visiting one another.  Most of the afternoon was spent playing Wii and looking for Pokemon.  Cam stayed for dinner and Mary bought him home afterward.

Meg had friends over as well yesterday.  She wanted to have Genevieve, Kaitlin and Gabby here and last night was the one that worked for all of them.  Most of the evening was spent talking about camp, dancing and watching movies.  They stayed up later than normal, but Meg was able to rest this afternoon before practice.

Cal has been able to hang out with his friends more now that he is no longer working.  He and Stephen have gone looking for Pokemon a lot and he and Jayce have been able to find time to go golfing.  All too soon he will be leaving for college.  Until then we will enjoy whatever time he is home.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

$2 Tuesdays

I took Cam to Raccoon Run today for the continuation of his match play tournament.  He lost a close one to the current leader, but is tied for second.  He was happy with how he played.  Normally Cam plays another nine holes once he is finished, but decided today that is was too hot for him.  Thus, he stayed and watched the older boys compete on the last hole until we arrived.  

Once we picked Cam up we all headed to Walmart for $2 Tuesdays at Ben's pretzels.  We also picked up some much needed groceries and last minute school supplies that we had forgotten.  Cal and Hannah-Marie did not join us on our excursion, but enjoyed the pretzels that we brought back for them.  I'm sad that it was the last day that we would be able to take advantage of this bargain as Cam will be in school next Tuesday.  

Monday, August 1, 2016

New Hampshire Revisted

My parents left last Wednesday for New England.  They have never been and really wanted to visit Brett.  They took their time getting to Concord and spent half a day in Niagara Falls.  I don't know if they enjoyed the Maid of of the Mist tour as much as we did, but they did try it.  They also watched the 3-D movie about the Falls that I would like to go to next time.

They stayed in Concord from Friday until Monday morning and visited many historical sties including the home of Franklin Pierce.  They were also able to eat at several different restaurants including ones featuring mostly seafood and also Brett's favorite political stop - The Barley House.  I was thrilled that they made the trip.  I know that they really wanted to see Brett and I was happy that all went well.  Not sure where Brett will end up next, but for now we have all enjoyed visiting him in New England.