Thursday, July 7, 2016


I grew up in a family that loved watching golf.  Every Sunday in the winter the TV set was turned to NBC for the weekly tournament.  Inevitably my Dad would fall asleep with it on, but if I even attempted to turn the channel he would wake up instantly and say, "Hey, I'm watching that."  Although I loved playing golf, especially, in high school and I knew all of stats of the professional golfers on tour,  I never quite developed the enthusiasm for watching it as my family.

Instead my love of sports viewing revolved around tennis, especially the majors.  The French and Australian were always harder to watch because of the time difference, but Wimbledom and the U.S. Open were a must every year.  Yesterday I was reminded of why I love watching tennis.  As I was unpacking and catching up on laundry I was able to witness one of the best matches of the year.  It involved Federer, who was vying for an 18th major and the oldest to win a slam title, and Cilic, a lesser known 9th seed.  When I turned it on they were in the 4th set.  Federer lost the first two sets, but won the 3rd.  They were on serve and rallies were getting intense.  Cilic had two match points, but Federer held on to force a tie break.  It was back and forth with the crowd definitely favoring the Swiss legend.  In the end he prevailed winning the tiebreak 11-9 moving the match to a 5th and deciding set in which Federer won fairly easily.

It was a match for the ages and reminded me of why I love that the three youngest Heinisch children play tennis.  Long rallies and heated battles have ensued on all of their courts.   Action and intensity, who could ask for more in a sport.  So glad to be a tennis Mom - (not sure I could handle it, however, if they were on the professional tour!!)

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