Saturday, July 23, 2016

They're Home!!!

We were at Camp Crosley at 8:45 this morning, but had to wait until 9 to pick up Cam and Meg.  I was more than ready to see them, but knew they would be sad about leaving camp.  Cam made it out of the cafeteria just as Meg came walking up the hill.  They were happy to see us as well, although, I believe that Meg would have stayed another week if she could have.

They both told us stories all of the way home.  They saw each other a lot and knew a lot of the same people as their activities overlapped.  Cam kept a notebook/journal of his daily activities.  I appreciated him reading that to me as he was pretty detailed about his adventures.  They both liked their cabin mates and their counselors.  Archery was their favorite activity and they also did a craft class.  Meg was adorned with friendship bracelets and Cam made several items to bring home as well.

I spent almost all day doing laundry and helping them unpack.  After lunch Cam went golfing and Meg spent some time snap chatting with her camp friends.  While Doug and I went to mass she met Kaitlin over at Grandma's.  Cal was out looking for Pokemon in the afternoon.  He had found some bargains at the Goodwill half price sale earlier in the day.  Everyone met here for dinner.  Doug grilled steaks and hamburgers.  While we cleaned up the kitchen Cal, Cam, Doug and Dad then played corn hole.  The rain started, however, which moved everyone inside.  Mom, Dad, Doug and Cam then played Hearts.  We took Kaitlin home around 10 p.m.  She and Meg haven't really seen each other in three weeks because of their camp schedules.

It is always a lot of work getting everything washed and put away from camp.  It was well worth it, though, to have them home.  With Cal working it is pretty quiet here during the day.  Glad that everyone was able to be together this evening.  It was a lot of fun catching up.

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