Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ready for Visitors

I texted my cousin Jeannette last week to see if she would like a visitor today.  Her new baby, Joshua, was a month old today and she was ready for company.  I stopped at Noodles & Company on the way up to bring lunch.  We chatted while Joshua ate and napped.  He isn't quite on a schedule yet.  In the next couple of weeks that should change.  I had always heard that around ten pounds most babies start sleeping through the night and life gets a little easier.

While we were there I was also introduced to Huck and Ava.  They are both rescue dogs.  I don't think that I changed Ava's day, but I sure did Huck's.  He was uncomfortable with me being there the entire time and would give me a worried glance every couple of minutes.  It was a little different then the reception I usually get from Flower.  I didn't take it personally, however.  Glad they chose to rescue them.  Every dog deserves a good home.

While I was there a storm blew through.  It was so humid today I wasn't surprised that we got one.  Just thought it would be later.  The weather knocked out their electricity.  They were prepared with a generator, however, and it didn't change their plans for the afternoon.  I left after the rain.  I wanted to get home before Cal left for the night.  He hung out with Dad after work.

I was happy to be able to visit Jeannette this week.  I know that having a baby after she lost the twins wasn't a sure thing.  I am so glad that God blessed them with a son.  He won't replace the girls, but he will make life at the Pancoast house a lot of fun.

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