Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go

Over the weekend Cal told me about a new app that he was going to try called Pokemon Go.  It was geared toward people of his age that grew up playing Pokemon.  The player has to walk to different locations looking for Pokemon to appear on the app.  They then "catch" the Pokemon and add it to their team.  I noticed that he's been out walking a lot more looking for the Pokemon he needs.  He's been on Twitter talking with his friends about the ones he has caught and the ones he still needs.

I think it has been great.  The game gets him out and about and is something fun to do after work.  Thus, I was surprised that adults were on Facebook criticizing those playing it.  Adults can definitely play the game, but the audience is more Cal's age.  In fact IU has been posting all of the Pokemon's caught on campus.  I do not understand being critical of something just because a person's of the wrong generation to appreciate it.  With all of the arrests made lately for underage drinking I have no problem being positive about something that really doesn't appeal to me personally.  Thus, I say "Go Pokemon Go!!"

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