Saturday, July 2, 2016

Off to Massachusetts

Today was our day to spend in Massachusetts and we made the most of it.  We started at the Salem Witch Museum.  It was one of our favorites from three years ago and Meg and Cam wanted to experience it again.  It is not my favorite part of history, but a story that should be told.  The presentation is excellent, but definitely creepy.  Once it was over we walked to the cemetery.  The victims of the witch trial were not buried there, but they had memorial benches for each of the nineteen accused witches.

From Salem we drove to Boston.  Traffic was pretty heavy and the city was a lot more crowded than our visit in March of 2013.  This didn't alter our plans, however.  We first started at The Boston Tea Party.  This is a relatively new museum and has a lot of live action interaction for visitors.  Meg had a speaking part in the beginning and Cam was a doctor that erroneously diagnosed one of the Patriots as dead.  We each received a feather for our disguise and had a chance to throw tea into Boston Harbor.

Once were were done at the Boston Tea Party we drove to Cheers.  It was just off the Boston Commons and the Freedom Trail so it was the perfect lunch stop.  The restaurant was packed, but we were seated fairly quickly.  The food was excellent and we got to eat in the set bar just like the show.  After Cheers we walked along the Freedom Trail.  We have done it several times before.  It has never been this crowded.  We were still able to navigate it fairly easily.  Our favorite stops were the cemetery where Paul Revere was buried, the Old North Church and Bunker Hill.  I had no problem getting in my 12,000 steps today and we had an excellent walking tour of Boston as well.

We ate dinner at the Barley House in Concord tonight.  It is famous for the amount of Presidents and Presidential hopefuls that have stopped at it on their campaigns.  Brett and I read the quotes on the wall and were impressed with those who have been patrons.  Meg and Cam wanted Frozen Yogurt afterward, and then we dropped Brett back at his home.  It was a day filled with adventure and  we were all exhausted at the end, but it was also a wonderful day full of new memories that we all enjoyed.

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