Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Pets

It was very hot today.  Because of the weather and all that we have going on I decided to change my FitBit goal to 10,000 steps.  I had done well with the 12,000, but it took a lot of time.  It will definitely be a lot easier to make my goal.  Many times I can get to 7,000 just doing housework.  Plus I will still be walking about five miles a day.

Cam and my Dad played golf this afternoon.  Doug and I worked more on getting the house in order after all of the laundry from camp.  Meg rested a lot.  She has still been telling us camp stories.  I am thrilled that she had a great experience.  Once Cam got home we left for Goshen.  He and Meg wanted to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Afterward we stopped at Petco to check out the fish and hermit crabs.  We found two crabs that we liked and they each got two new fish.  The crabs adjusted immediately to their new home.  Each crawled into one of the hermie's huts and were found in the food bowl later.  The fish weren't sure at first, especially the one that we have had for almost four years.  He lost his buddy in June, so figured it was time for new friends.  We will see who survives the night.  At least they all had plenty to eat once Meg's figured out there was food.

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