Saturday, July 30, 2016


We have tried for the last two summers to take Meg and Cam to Michigan to visit some of our favorite stops and haven't been able to make it work.  We finally had a free day today and decided to make the trip.  I was very concerned at first that it would be a wash out as it started pouring around 9:30.  God must have smiled on us, however, as it stop at 11 and never rained again.

Our first point of attraction was Windmill Island.  Cam and Meg enjoyed it as much as we have in the past.  Since the flowers were in full bloom, it was advertised as peek week.  The best part was that the kids were free.  After we walked through the gardens and listened to the organ we toured the windmill.  The history of it and learning how a windmill worked were definitely highlights.  I have now been there enough that I am no longer nervous walking out on the balcony.

Once the tour was over we went to lunch at New Holland Brewing Company.  This is Doug's favorite restaurant in Michigan.  Cam and Meg liked it as well.  We were able to find Brett a Headless Horseman t-shirt to add to the Mad-hatter one we bought him last year from the brewery.   We shopped in Holland after lunch, but didn't buy much except for some fudge to try.

We drove from Holland to Saugatuck.  We first rode the chain ferry across Saugatuck river.  We took a walk before riding back.  From there we spent a good portion of the afternoon shopping.  Meg, Cam and I all found shirts that we liked and Doug bought a few bottles of wine.  We got popcorn for everyone at the Sugar Rush, and ice cream at Kilwin's.

Oval Beach was our next stop.  The water was cold, but nothing like New Hampshire.  Cam was the only one who wanted to go swimming, but we stood at the shoreline tossing a ball to him.  One benefit from a cloudy day was the small crowds.  After Cam swam we went to South Haven next to walk along the pier to the lighthouse.  With only a couple of hours of daylight left the sun peeked through the crowds for the first time today.  What a beautiful way to end a wonderful day.

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