Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lobster in Maine

We started a little later this morning as we all needed to get some much needed sleep.  Thus, we picked Brett up at 9:15 a.m. for the next day of our New England adventure.  Our first stop was the lighthouse at Needle Island in Maine.  The website said that it was the most photographed lighthouse in Maine and after visiting it we could totally see why.  The lighthouse was on an island that visitors were prohibited from, but we were able to walk out on the rocks to take pictures and enjoy the ocean and the view.  Although the rocks were a little hard to navigate we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  We even stopped at the gift store and bought a print of the scene.

We did not venture too far for lunch as there was a lobster house only a few steps from the lighthouse.  One of our goals in visiting Brett was to eat lobster in Maine.  Doug got the whole meal while Brett and I tried the lobster roll.  Cam decided to also go with seafood but played it safe with shrimp and chips.  Meg avoided it altogether ordering fettuccine alfredo.  Hers was good, but not the typical Maine food.

We drove through York before we left Maine.  We all decided that we would love it if Brett moved there next, especially in the summer.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We stopped at Long Shore Beach and enjoyed a walk along the oceanfront.  After that we headed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  We had heard that it was full of New England history and that the John Paul Jones home was a must see.  Of all that we have done so far, it was the most disappointing.  He only stayed there twice and there was nothing in the home that was original.  In saying that the home did have a lot of Portsmouth history and collections from locals which we enjoyed.

We next navigated our way to  Hampton Beach.  It was completely packed and we weren't sure that we would be able to find a place to park.  We were patient, however, and eventually Meg found us one.  We were glad that it was at a metered spot.  It only cost us $6 total for 3 hours.  Other lots were asking for $40 a vehicle.  This time we changed into our swimsuits as we planned to stay longer.  Meg and Cam took turns jumping in the waves in the ocean.  Brett and I took a long walk.  Once we got back he and Meg buried Cam in the sand while Doug and I walked along the shore.  They ended up burying Cam up to his neck and I grabbed the camera for pictures.

Cam had been asking all day to play mini-golf and we found one fairly close to the beach, but yet far enough away to be out of the traffic and masses of beachgoers.  Cam was sure that he would beat us as he did the last time, but Doug and I prevailed redeeming our last match.  We decided to eat in Concord.  By the time we returned only the chain restaurants were open.  That was ok with everyone as there was a Buffalo Wild Wings just blocks from Brett's house.  The food was good and the conversation was even better.  It was a lovely day.  So glad that we got to spend it with Brett.  He lives in a beautiful part of the country.  It has been one awesome visit.

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