Monday, July 25, 2016

Library Board

Tonight was my last library board meeting.  I was appointed to the board over a decade ago and have spent the majority of my time as president with the last two years as treasurer.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the library and am most proud of the recent remodeling we have completed especially the outside landscaping and the meeting room.  I feel confident in our new director and have always found Gisela to be an awesome children's director/assistant director.  I told both of them that I was resigning from the board, but not from the library.  I still plan to help, but now only as a volunteer.

The actual meeting was pretty uneventful.  Afterward, however,  the library director made me raspberry cheesecakes which were delicious and gave me a very nice note of appreciation.   I thought it was strange that no one on the actual library board thanked me for my years of service.  In fact the only time it was addressed that I was leaving was when one of the them told me that I had to train the new treasurer.  I did not respond to that as I had offered to do so in June, but no one took me up on it.   With soccer, school and Cal leaving for college I won't have time now.  Needless to say it was time to be done.  No matter how I feel about tonight I will always be very proud of all that I have accomplished in the last ten years and look forward to the new challenges that life has to offer me.

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