Thursday, July 14, 2016


For Mother's Day I had asked Doug and the Heinisch children for a FitBit.  I knew several people who had one including Doug and I thought it would be the perfect way to keep track of the steps I take in a day.  As school was still in session I wore it there and was surprised to see how many steps I took while working.  I now understood why I came home tired on cooking lab days.  Out of my goal of 10,000 on those days I would typically have 8000 by the time I left.  Several other teachers had FitBits as well and they would invite me to daily challenges and such.  That made using it a lot more fun and gave Meg a reason to make fun of me for being a FitBit Mom!!

The more I used my FitBit the more I really liked it.  I realized that there were days before I had it that I would have stopped exercising because I had other things going on, but once I saw that I still needed to make my goal I would get up and get moving.  The easiest days to make my goal was golf tournament days.  The hardest were when we were traveling.

The day after Cal's graduation I changed my goal to 12,000 steps and except for two days while we were driving to New Hampshire I have met that goal everyday since.  I also changed my Weight Watchers Fit Points to 99 a week instead of the small amount I had set before.  I would love to say that I have lost 10 more pounds doing this, but as I have noticed in the past the more I exercise the more my weight stays the same.  I had excepted that.  Needless to say I have lost 25 pounds in the last year which is awesome.  I am more active and I feel better.  Yesterday I walked to the post office and then to Mom's all on a hot, muggy afternoon and felt great afterward.  That's what it is all about - I look better and feel better.  For that I am thankful for my FitBit and the support of those who gave it to me.

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