Saturday, July 9, 2016

Birthday Parties X 2

Cameron had a big afternoon.  He was invited to two different birthday parties.  Both boys were in his class at Bethany Christian and they were each named Kayden/Kaden.  They also asked for the party goers to bring a swimsuit, Nerf gun and a water squirter.  What a coincidence.  Plus one was from 2-5 and the other started at 4:30 and they were only 6 miles apart.   That was close enough to Doug's work that he could drop Cam off and get a few hours of work in also.

Cameron had a great time at both parties.  The first included almost all of the boys from his class.  They had Nerf wars and Super Soaked each other.  Kayden like the Nerf pistol that Cam gave him.  Cam decided to skip out on  the pizza, so he could get to the next party on time.  That one was larger, but less boys from his class were invited.  It was more of a neighborhood party and was combined with his younger brother's birthday as well.  Cameron said that it was a lot of fun as well.  They concentrated on Nerf wars and playing in the backyard.  Cameron said the food was delicious.  Each had a different cake.  One was more traditional and the other was an ice cream cake.

Doug got in almost four hours of work today while shuttling Cam around.  I really appreciated him taking Cam as that allowed me to work on laundry and get my teaching materials moved over to my new room.  Meg was a big help with that.  Doug and Cam called on the way home.  Cam was very happy with his afternoon.  He was one of the few boys from his class invited to both parties, so he was excited about that.  We decided to have a cookout as soon as he and Doug got back.  My parents joined us as did Cal.  He had spent the afternoon playing golf with Nick LeCount.  Meg finished up her packing and hung out with us as well when she wasn't on FaceTime with Kaitlin.

Everyone had a wonderful day.  I am thrilled that Cam was invited to his parties.  It was great for him to see his friends from Bethany Christian.  In just one month they will all start 6th grade.

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