Sunday, July 17, 2016

And They're Off

We spent this morning finishing Cam and Meg's packing for camp.  As this is Cam's sixth year and Meg's eighth we have gotten pretty good at getting ready.  They both help a lot too which I really appreciate.  Meg was feeling better this morning.  She tried NyQuil last night and that seemed to do the trick.  She also slept in.  Her voice was almost back to normal.  She was more than ready to go back and was on the phone most of the morning texting Gabby about their plans for the week.

Cam was happy to go as well, but wanted to catch The British Open (or The Open as it is now called.)  We all thought that Mickelson was going to win.  He birdie the first hole and Henrik Stenson bogeyed.  We were positive that would be the break Phil needed to pull out the victory.  Stenson, however, proceeded to play the round of his life shooting a 63 and winning by two.  Cam was ok with the outcome.  As much as he was pulling for Mickelson he knew that Stenson's story was a good one as well - 40 years old, never won a major and the first Swedish male to win one.  By the time we helped Cam carry his supplies to Munsee cabin his was ready for his adventure.

We took Meg to her cabin next.  She was in Wyandot this week which was closer to the lake.  I liked her counselors and the girls were excited about starting week two.  I always feel a little sad when I leave camp, but not this time.  They have always had such great experiences.  I know that this week will be no different.  I will be very glad to see them on Saturday, however.

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