Saturday, July 16, 2016

And She's Back . . . For 24 Hours

We picked Meg up this morning at 9 a.m.  Her first words were, "I'm not ready to go home.  This was the best week at camp, ever!"  Guess that means it was a good time!!  She had also noticeably lost her voice.  She said that it happened from all of the singing that they did on Thursday night.  They were "Christmas caroling" the other cabins and her voice started to wane from there.  She didn't mind.  I told her some rest would help, but she was so incredibly excited to tell us everything that she did that she wasn't ready to try my advice yet.

While I got her laundry and bedding washed for next week, Meg filled us in on all that she had done over the week.  There were a lot of great stories and only a couple of items that annoyed her.  She definitely said that this was her best week ever and really enjoyed her counselors.  She tried soccer and archery, but had plans to add Mission Impossible and friendship crafts next week.  She and Gabby decided that they needed wolf shirts for week two and luckily Gabby was able to find them at Walmart.

Meg spent a lot of time on Instagram and Snapchat with her new found camp friends.  I finally talked her into lying down and resting around 3.  Her throat hurt as did her stomach.  Once Cam and Doug finished golfing we all went to Target and Buffalo Wild Wings in Goshen.  Meg did feel better after she ate and we were able to find the rest of the supplies they needed for camp.  I was very happy to hear that she had a wonderful time.  I never doubted that she would.  Glad that Cameron will be joining them next week!!

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