Friday, July 22, 2016

A Week of Socializing

Last night I went with Paula to Terri's 31 party.  I actually needed a couple of items and was glad that she was having one.  It was nice to see her as well.  I ended up ordering a new lunch bag for Meg, an overnight bag for us and a makeup bag for me to take to school.  Once we left there we went to the Barbee Hotel to meet Maria and Jody for dinner.  The food was pretty good and I enjoyed visiting with everyone.  We talked mostly about our children leaving for college and cleaning out our houses.  The hardest part for me working is the fact that I do not have as much time to organize at home.

Doug was at soccer the last two nights, but tonight he was finally able to join me for an evening out.  Paula had told us that the new winery in Leesburg was having music and a food truck.  We thought that sounded great and met her, Mary, Ken and Maria there once Doug got home from work.  The wines were sweeter than we were used to, but we still enjoyed trying them.  We didn't try the food truck, but those who did liked it.  I would love to take Meg and Cam back out there.  They would like bringing a game along, a couple of friends and Bourbon Street Pizza.

Everyone headed their separate ways after the winery, so Doug and I decided to grab a hamburger at Huntington St.  It was wonderful to spend some time with him.  I have gotten home late the last couple of nights and he was busy as well.  It has been a lot of fun catching up with so many people this week, but I am ready for Cam and Meg to be home.

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