Tuesday, July 12, 2016

$2 Tuesdays

It was a great day for Cameron.  First he played in the Raccoon Run league and won his first ever match play.  He stayed and played 9 extra holes.  He finished with an 89 which was also his first time breaking 90.  Then we stopped at Walmart on the way home and found out that it was $2 Tuesdays at Ben's pretzels.  He had his while we shopped for a couple of items throughout the store.  We also bought his favorite fruit - plums.   Our last stop of the day was more for me, but he did get to pick out our new birdbath which I was able to assemble right before the storms hit tonight.

The only down part of today for Cameron was the cancellation of soccer.  Doug moved his camp into the gym, but Bethany had to cancel because of the lightening.  The storms finished by the time Doug got home, so we were still able to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and enjoy traditional Tuesdays.  The wings were hot, but Cam was still able to finish nine of them.  Thankfully, we ordered extra ranch and the refills of root beer kept coming.  He ended the evening watching the new Spongebob that premiered this week.  It was an awesome day to be an eleven year old!

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