Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Masters

We watched The Masters last weekend which has become a Spring Break ritual.  Once again someone fell apart in the last round and allowed someone else to win.  I listened to the announcers say afterward that it was one of the hardest collapses that they have ever watched.  I think they were just caught up in the moment as I am not even sure it was in the top ten.  I've watched a lot of golf over the years - both on the professional circuit and junior tour, and collapses in golf are a large part of the game.  Just last year one of Cal's teammates scored two double bogeys and a triple on the last three holes to cost them a trip to Regionals by one shot.  Cal himself hit four balls into the woods to score a 12 on the last hole of a tournament to demolish a career round.  This along with the disastrous results of PGA players like Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson and Tom Weiskopf have caused me to expect the unexpected.  It's what makes golf fascinating and challenging to be a fan of at the same time.

As Doug attended the high school parent meeting tonight and prepares to go to Cal's first tournament of the season on Saturday I know that there will be ups and downs this season as well.  No matter the skill level or the importance of the tournament there will always be a story of triumph and one of defeat.  I will hope for more of the first types of stories, but prepared for the days when there are ones of the second type.  Being a golf parent is not for the faint of heart, but it is fun and has provided for a lot of wonderful memories over the years.

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