Thursday, April 21, 2016

Surprise Night Out

Meg had a tennis match at home against Manchester tonight.  I got to the courts at 4:45 just in time to hear the thunder and see the lightening.  They delayed the mandatory half hour, but before that was up it poured and more lightening was seen.  Thus, we ended up having a free evening.  Everyone wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, so we headed over around 6.  The weather must have scared a lot of people off as it was the least crowded that we have seen it in awhile.

Cal did not join us.  The golf team was able to get practice in before the rain and decided to eat at Chubbie's, the new bowling alley restaurant.  Thursday night is $2 hamburger evening and Cal was proud to say that he finished a quad.  We were home by 8 which was plenty of time for everyone to get ready for tomorrow.  Cam has a field trip and Meg needed to repack her tennis bag and finish some homework.

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