Sunday, April 3, 2016

Remember the Alamo

Yesterday we went to the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston before the games.  We were able to visit the original mission control that was involved in all of the Apollo missions.  There were the seals from all of the Apollo trips and a US flag that flew on the moon in 1972.  We were able to see several rockets and walked through a space shuttle.  The reality hit home for all of the Heinisch children that not every astronaut made it home from their space mission and others like Gus Grissom never even started.

Today we traveled to San Antonio.  It was  two hours one way, but everyone was glad that Doug suggested it.  Our first stop was The Alamo and we all learned a lot about early Texas history.  Cal realized yesterday that there was a Ripley's Believe It or Not across the street from The Alamo and really wanted to visit it.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but we all really liked it.  From the bizarre to the items of torture there was a lot to see.  The three legged man really creeped Meg out, but overall it was very interesting.

We walked down to The Riverwalk from The Alamo area.  The river was small, but the area was very nice.  There were a lot of restaurants and shops.  We stopped at an Irish pub and ate outside along the river.  It was beautiful.

We left for Katy, Texas after The Riverwalk.  Everyone wanted to play mini golf and we found one close to our hotel.  Cal was the big winner of the evening.  I had a chance but choked.  Cam finished third by one stroke over Doug, so he was thrilled.  Meg accepted her last place finish without disappointment.  We ended the evening at dinner exhausted but happy.

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