Saturday, April 30, 2016

One Miserable Day

It started raining this morning around 10:30 and never let up.  Cal had a golf tournament at South Shore and by the time I was able to get umbrellas to them it was cold and miserable.  I would love to say that it got better or that the weather didn't affect Cal's play, but it definitely made golfing difficult for him.  I am glad that Doug stayed out with him the entire round.  Doug really has been enjoying walking along.  He said today wasn't about watching Cal play as much as it was about watching him interact with his teammates.  They are a close group of friends and seeing them support one another is just priceless.  They don't judge each other on the score at the end of a round, but more on the stories they have to share.  Cal had a fantastic one today as his tee ball on 16 landed in a tree.  After a lot of debate it was deemed out of bounds, but it made for one great picture.

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