Monday, April 25, 2016

Off to Massachusettes

I talked to Brett several times today.  All of his classes but one are ending this week with either a final or a paper.  He said he spent most of the weekend studying.  He was also excited to give us the news of his next adventure.  He was offered a job with Right to Work several months ago, but this week they finalized where he will be stationed and when he will need to leave.  His work will take him to New Hampshire for a home base with many travel spots throughout the East Coast.  We are very excited for him and this adventure and are also glad that we will have a great place to visit this summer.

The only drawback to his new job is that he will have to leave May 10th which means he will only be home about a week before he starts.  Therefore, I changed our tickets to Amish Acre's "Forever Plaid" to include a date when he will be here.  He will also be here to vote and wants to get a selfie with Cal when he goes.  It will be a busy week getting him unpacked and repacked, but we will get it done.  I am thrilled for him.  He won't be able to make it to Cal's graduation since it is on a Sunday, but both boys seem alright with that.   Brett keeps in contact very well with all of us.  Thus, even when he is many states away he still feels close to home.  Proud of him and can't wait to hear about all that he sees and does.

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