Wednesday, April 6, 2016


It was still cold when we got up in the morning, but Doug had called Goshen Plumbing and Heating.  They promised to be here by noon.  None of us really minded.  We were all happy just to be home.  Doug made it to work for his meetings today and Cal and my Dad made it to the veterinarian's this morning.  Cal agreed to watch Hannah-Marie's dog, Flower, once we got back.  By lunch we had a dog and the heat back on, so everyone was happy.

Tonight Doug and I went to dinner at Huntington's Street.  Although we were together for five straight days we had never been alone.  Even the night we had two rooms, I stayed with Meg and he stayed with the boys.  Definitely not complaining as we had such an awesome time.  It was nice tonight, however, to catch up with just Doug.

Over dinner Doug thanked me.  When I asked him for what he said for choosing a vacation where we didn't just sit at a beach.  He knows a lot of families enjoy that style of vacation and he has no criticism of that, but he really likes to stay busy and our current Spring Break was perfect for him.  It took a lot of planning, and I appreciate Doug realizing that.  I did tell him that Meg and I had already talked about Heinisch family vacations.  We realize that our style of family vacations are not for the faint of heart.  Just in this trip alone we traveled 3000 miles in five days.  I am thrilled that the Heinisch children have taken on their Dad's philosophy of vacations.  Even our trips to Disney World are packed with activity from morning to night.  We have visited a lot of interesting places over the years and have loved every minute of it.  Glad that Doug is able to keep us going.

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